Zainab Abdulkarim

Visual artist & Designer

Member of the Association of Norwegian artists (NBK), and artist association in Telemark (BIT) Norway.


– Born in Iraq / Baghdad. Living in Norway

– 2012 Graduated from the Nansenskolen, Norsk Humanistisk Akademi, Fine Arts department in Lillehammer, Norway.

– 2008 Certificate for participation in the four week program,” Human Rights in Australia”.

– 2006 Diploma in Painting Restoration from the Faculty of Restoration in Ltomcl/Czech College.

– 1995 Graduated from the Baghdad University, Fine Arts College, Baghdad, Iraq

– 1992 Graduated from the Fine Arts Institute, Baghdad, Iraq


Work Experience


1- worked as art substitute teacher, Norway

2- 2015-2016 Foundation Porsgrunn museums as conservationist, MM, dept. City Museum., Norway

3- 2012 Conservationist for the paintings on the Telemark Museum, Skien Norway.

4- 2010 Teaching painting courses at KIA (Christian Intercultural Work), Skien, Norway

5- 2010 Teaching painting courses for adults, Skien, Norway.

6- 2005 One of the establishers of the Iraqi art encyclopedia, responable for collecting and archiving Iraqi fin arts, Minstry of culture, Baghdad, Iraq

7- 2004-2008 Manager of Al- Wasiti  Gallery (The Ministry of Culture), Baghdad, Iraq

8- 2003-2004 Lecturer, Fine Arts Institute, Baghdad.

9- 2005-2007 cover Designer, ‘Noon Magazine.

10- 1990 Painter and scenarist for children column in Aljamhorya Weekly newspaper.


Personal Exhibitions:


1- 2014 Exhibition in Gallery Osebro. (Babylonian Revelation Telemark) Norway.

2-2009 Exhibition at the house of the Red Cross, Skien, Norway .

3-2008 Fifth personal exhibition at the French Cultural Centre, Baghdad.

4-2007 Two exhibitions in the Czech embassy in Baghdad.

5-1999 Fourth personal exhibition, Baghdad.

6- 1995 Third personal exhibition ‘Transferring State’, Baghdad, Iraq.

7- 1992 Second personal exhibition, Experimental Art Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq.

8- 1990 First personal exhibition, Baghdad.


 International Collaborations, Exhibitions and Activities


* Joint exhibitions around the world: Iraq, Poland, Finland, France, Jordan, Japan, Italy and Norway.

* 2007 Joint exhibition with Iraqi fine arts pioneer Mr. Nori-Alrawi, Iraqi sculpture pioneer  Mr. Abd Al-Jabar Albnnaaoners, and artist Zaid Adndn, The French culture center, Hewar gallery.

* 2003 Participated in the exhibition of contemporary sculpture, Iraq. This exhibition was the first Iraqi sculpture exhibition after the war.


– 2010-2015 Joint exhibition “Scholarship Exhibition”, Skien.Norway.

– 2012 Norwegian literature festival in Lillehammer, Norway.

– 2011 Exhibition ‘Art Auction for the Horn of Africa’, Red Cross.

– 2010 Joint exhibition in Ibsenhuset, Skien, Norway

– 2010, Joint exhibition (The Samoranty library) in Rome.

– 2010 Joint exhibition (Telemarkkunstnersenter) in Norway.

– 2009 Joint exhibition (Ibsenhuset) in Norway.

– 2007 Organized and participated a charity exhibition for international human rights week hosted by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baghdad, Iraq

– 2007 Joint exhibition, south of Italy.

– 2007 Joint exhibition (The Samoranty library) in Rome.

– 2004 Gallery organized by the Iraqi–Dutch culture and arts forum, Netherlands.

– 2003 Participated in the Iraqi-Jordanian cultural week.

– 2000 Baghdad 3rd International Festival of Visual arts for humankind.


Awards & Prizes


* Received several awards and appreciative written statements and diplomas for her works from a number of institutions, individuals and organizations.

– 2000 Received an encouragement creative prize from the Iraqi Ministry of Culture.

– 2001 Received the second prize at the 13th Festival of Babylon, Iraq.

– 2003 Award for the poster in the Art Makes Future Exhibition, poster titled: “Together under the Wing of Peace”.

– 2005 Received an award in the competition, ‘Women Issues of Freedom and Equality’ organized by ministry of Culture In collaboration with Unifem. Published in 2005 calendar.

– 2005 Received an award in a competition to design a magazine cover express women’s issues in freedom and equality.