Saadi A. Babely

                  I am very pleased to recommend the artistic vision of artist Zainab Abdul Karim, whom i was very closed to her experiment when she was my student at the University of Baghdad College of Fine Art, Zainab working in the very integrated spaces to compose the forms which links with what she believe to express her feeling as human been beside her concepts as an artist, the colors are very diligence and well studied to create the rhythm of intensity to represent the beauty of what we called art. In her latest works she is using her personal image of what she understand the life events as an very serious artist, in my point of view her art not just communicate with the observer mind ‘eye through what her forms and multiple spaces can show the meaning of her message. Zainab can create the image of dreams which will link with what we can see in reality , and she will understand what we called the bridge between what we can see and what we imagine. I believe she will as she is now an artist with her self vision belong to the world of creativities and powerful art with human statements. Saadi A. Babely